• 2005 – National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) in US validated the experimental model of NarTest NTX2000
  • 2006 – Fifteen instruments were installed for beta-testing in police departments in North Carolina, US
  • 2007 – First NarTest NTX2000 instruments were sold to law enforcement agencies in US; installed for testing in Bulgaria’s customs units
  • 2008 – Springfield Laboratory of Homeland Security in US validated the NarTest NTX2000
  • 2009 – Federal Drug Trafficking Control Agency of Russian Federation and Bulgarian Metrology Institute validated the NarTest NTX2000
  • 2010 –  production of the innovative next generation model of NarTest NTX2000 begun; validation in the Estonian Forensic Science Institute commenced;  testing of NarTest NTX2000 analyzers was started by Comando Metropolitano de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal. Drug Crime Divisions in the Eastern and Northern Prefectures of the Estonian Police introduced NarTest NTX2000 to their operations.
  • 2011 – the new user-friendly interface of NarTest NTX2000 was launched; latest synthetic drugs
    introduced to NarTest NTX2000 substance database
  • 2012 – Estonian Forensic Science Institute (EFSI) validatedthe NarTest NTX2000 with new user-friendly interface including new option: identification – confirmation procedure

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