Piperazines are synthetic drugs that do not occur naturally. The main derivatives are BZP, DBZP, TFMPP and  mCPP. NarTest Drug Analyzer NTX2000 identifies TFMPP/BZP in few minutes.

Piperazine derivatives are usually found in illicit dosage forms as either tablets or capsules. Piperazines are mainly injected, but can be also snorted. They stimulate the brain, creating hallucinogenic experiences in some users.

BZP tablets, especially those that also contain the hallucinogen TFMPP, often are sold as MDMA or promoted as an alternative to MDMA. By 2006, it was estimated that almost 10 % of illicit tablets sold in the EU, as part of the illicit ecstasy market, contained mCPP (EMCDDA).




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