The versatile and cost-effective applications combining Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS) analysis with chemometrics techniques offer an efficient and effective method for the determination of contaminants and impurities in our food supply. 

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Most food producers and inspection authorities routinely screen ingredients and products for targeted list of specific adulterants. However, as we know, not all risks in life are fully foreseeable and food contamination too, is not always so predictable. However, taking preventative measures to keep dangerous substances out of our food supply chain is of the highest importance. Having tools to perform untargeted contaminant surveillance to proactively search for food hazards is essential for food safety,  quality control and risk management. There are a variety of methods used for such untargeted analytical process, but many are time consuming and expensive.

NarTest has developed a wide spectrum of customized screening applications for the portable spectrofluorometer NTX2000, that allow quick and easy safety and quality analysis of variety of foods incl. milk and dairy products, meat, vegetable oil, spices, fruits, alcoholic beverages.  


The application of fluorescence analysis is possible due to the different fluorescing compounds naturally occurring in food products such as vitamins, aromatic amino acids, polyphenols and others. SFS represents the sum of all those intrinsic compounds present and therefore could be considered a unique fingerprint of the sample. Deviations resulting from either failures in production processes or due to deliberate adulteration,can thus be easily detected as changes in the food’s ideal fingerprint. The utilization  of fluorescence to food analysis has expanded during the last decade, especially due to the increased use of chemometrics. Chemometrics techniques have proven to be powerful tools to separate the unique SFS, not destroying the sample and are thus extensively used for the interpretation of spectral matrixes.    

The analysis of fluorescent spectra using NarTest NTX2000 enables: 

  • Inspection of raw materials and final product to ensure that no poor quality ingredients are used 
  • Batch to batch evaluation of raw material quality and product stability    
  • Monitoring  of blending operations and assessment of process variability
  • Analysis of products for authenticity and traceability
  • Discrimination of various food product classes (meat, fish, milk types) and manufacturer’s peculiarities
  • Tracking of the ageing processes as well as freshness monitoring
  • Determination of deliberate and technological adulteration 

NTX2000 analyzer enables quick and reliable out-of-lab analysis of solid, powdered and opaque liquid samples. The measurements are conducted in minutes without complex and time-consuming sample preparations and the procedure of measurement is non-destructive for the sample. Simple and mostly automated  procedure does not require professional lab training and can be conducted at the optimal control point by  the relevant production line operator.

The portable Nartest NTX2000 Analyzer with its quick and easy SFS method, 
is an indispensable tool for all parties involved in the food supply chain 
from farmers and producers to inspection authorities and customs performing 
food safety control and risk management, every step of the way from farm-to-fork


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