July 15. 2016 Introducing NTX2000 applications for QA & Safety Analysis for the food and alcohol industry

The increasing globalization of the food supply chain has regrettably also amplified food’s vulnerability to economically motivated adulteration and counterfeiting as well as to malicious contamination by terrorist activity as means to threaten public health. This acknowledgement has highlighted the intense environmental, public and economic concern for the need to implement adequate measures for food safety and food protection. 

In order to battle food fraud and protect public health a proactive approach is needed to both upkeep the quality standards as well as to detect adulterated products in the supply chain before they reach the market and end-customer. 

Alongside enhanced international cooperation and stricter regulatory measures, this calls for implementation of innovative, easy to use and rapid tools for the prevention of deliberate adulteration and intentional contamination of food by bacterial or chemical agents. 

By applying such novel real-time spectroscopic methods as the Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS) coupled with chemometrics techniques, Nartest has developed a wide spectrum of customized screening applications for the portable spectrofluorometer NTX2000, that allow quick and easy safety and quality analysis of variety of foods incl. milk and dairy products, meat, vegetable oil, spices, fruits, alcoholic beverages. 

Please take a closer look at Food Safety & Quality Assurance.