• Detection of most common narcotics  
  • 99,4% accuracy

  • Differentiation of Cocaine Salt (hydrochloride) and Cocaine Base
  • Detection sensitivity down to 5% (w/w) or even less in street samples mixed with adulterants, diluents and cutting agents 
  • Electronic printable & sharable test results protected against tampering and retrospective data modification


  • Confirmatory results within minutes even in field conditions
  • Easy user-friendly interface requires only hours of training, no scientific or medical degree needed 
  • Database of detectable substances may be expanded without hardware upgrades to proactively respond to new market developments
  • Compact and portable
  • Provides added-value for national and international intellegence gathering for traffic-route monitoring and drug-mapping
  • Effortlessly collect, manage and share data online for uncoplicated inter-structure communication

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