Nartest aims to equip the drug law enforcement with innovative drug detection technology that allows to expand the analytical testing of seized drug samples beyond the bounds of forensic labs and bring it closer to on scene action.

Nartest technology answers to the needs for rapid and reliable preliminary and conclusive results of the analysis.

NTX2000 combines the features of highest sensitivity analytical laboratory equipment and portable sensor for quick and easy on-site application with automated analytical software for data processing, reporting and storage. 


NarTest NTX2000 embodies a revolutionary “lab-in-a-box” concept, that  combines the features of analytical lab equipment and portable sensor, making it ideal for out-of-lab and on-site use. The portability of NTX2000 makes it ideal for implementation in police departments, customs and border control, airport and marine security as well as postal offices and remote laboratories. The whole system can be deployed in minutes at almost any location for out of lab and on-site operation.


Revolutionary NarTest NTX2000 quickly identifies the unknown drug sample without any need for prior hypothesis. Initial identification of a drug in seized substance (solid or herbal) is provided almost instantly in minutes. Electively, a confirmatory measurement adding designated reagents could be conducted. The operational efficiency is further enhanced by the device’s analytical software enabling secure and simple data processing and storage.


In excess to detecting the most-common illegal drugs such as  cocaine, heroin, opium, marijuana/hashish and ATS. NarTest NTX2000 effectively addresses the latest synthetic drug phenomena by also detecting MDPV,  GHB/GBL, fentanyl and 3-mf among others. The list of detectable drugs may be further expanded and customized without any need for hardware upgrade in  order to proactively respond to new drug market developments.


NarTest NTX2000 automated analysis featuring clear step-by-step instructions in interface with safe and simple sample preparation,  offers and supports uncomplicated introduction of this revolutionary approach to your  operations. Personnel with no scientific or medical background can be qualified to conduct the analysis with less than a day’s training.


The test results are presented in a printable electronic report equipped with date and time stamp and individual case information. With a click of a button the test results may be filed, retrieved or shared for efficient and effortless inter-structure communication. The data is securely protected  against unauthorized intervention and retrospective data modification or copying.


The product utilizes patented technology which combines the methods of Spectral Fluorescence Signatures (SFS) and pattern recognition. 

Key benefits

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Our devices are widely used by security personell and law enforcement agencies worldwide as well as civil customers

How does it work?

We use state of the art comparison techniques which combined with exhaustive databases provide the most accurate resutlts
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Developed by the best experts in the field, NarTest NTX2000 includes state-of-the art technology and easy-to-use interface.
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