NarTest NTX2000 drug analyzer

Measuring principle
Measuring cycle time
Light source
Spectral unit
Spectral range
Detector type
Sample cell
Cell volume
PC connection
Control unit
Device calibration
Ambient temperature
Power consumption
Dimensions (H x L x W)
Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS)
5 to 15 minutes
Pulsed Xenon lamp, 5 Watt
Scanning excitation / registration monochromators
230 – 350 nm excitation; 250 – 565 nm emission
Photo Multiplier Tube
Single use cell with quartz window
10 ml
USB port
Built-in processor controller
Automatic, based on internal standard sample
10 - 40C, 50 - 104F
+12 V DC (AC adapter 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz)
15 W
15 x 24 x 40 cm, 5.8” x 9.4” x 15.6”
5 kg, 11 lbs.

NarTest Basic software

Operating system
Access level control
Data storage
Data analysis
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Login/Password protection for access data storages
Microsoft Engine Database
Integrated into measurement cycle based on SFS library
Report generating.

Sales package contents

  • NarTest NTX2000 Drug Analyzer
  • Digital scale FC-20
  • AC/DC power converter
  • Mains cable
  • Interface cable (USB)
  • Cleaning tool
  • Accessories for conducting 50 analysis.
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