Technology overview

Product is based on patented technology which combines the methods of Spectral Fluorescence Signatures (SFS) and pattern recognition for fast detection of illicit drugs in seized street samples.

The principle of SFS technology is based on the measuring of the fluorescence intensity of a sample at different excitation and emission wavelengths. Since most chemical compounds have their own characteristic excitation and emission wavelengths, different substances will give different SFS converted into the digitized optical image, where the intensity of fluorescence is coded by the color.

The measured SFS of unknown street samples is delivered to the neural net based Software Expert System for pattern recognition. As a result, specific patterns of the SFS corresponding to the drug substances are identified if present. The measurement and analysis procedure are performed automatically.

Every analysis completed by NarTest NTX2000 device is stored in the high-secured database providing all necessary protection against unauthorized intervention, retrospective data modification or copying. The result of analysis is represented in a form of electronic report, which is also stored in the database, and original document can not be altered by any way.

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